About Us

Antea, established in 1989, is specialized in the development of highly flexible software solutions and in supplying integrated services. The synergy of these elements enables Antea to be highly competitive in various industrial sectors such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Energy and Utility.

As a private company, Antea has a domestic and international network of sales, consulting and support. In addition to the headquarters in Padua and regional offices in Italy, Antea is represented in the USA, Canada, Dubai (UAE) and Algeria. Antea also has local partnerships in Germany and Turkey.

Antea works with top market-leading companies such as Eni, Exxon, Versalis, LyondellBasell, Sasol and many more.

The key to Antea’s success consists in dealing with its fields of expertise while always focusing primarily on the Operating Expenditure (OpEx): documents and data, for example, are analyzed and managed taking into account the plant managers points of view, with the prospect to be able to locate and use the above data throughout the assets life (Life Cycle Information). This is always carried out in conformance with the various software platforms employed by the customers.

The Antea’s team responds to the needs of a constantly evolving market, offering innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions while paying particular attention to the economic sustainability of the proposed solutions.


The Antea team comprises experienced and competent professionals of the sector and the company’s competitive advantage its human resources: the capacity, creativity, dedication and passion of each associate are the basis of the company’s success, keeping it competitive and innovative, anticipating and fulfilling the needs of a continuously evolving market. Antea’s solid position is owed first of all to its founding partners, Domenico Salvà and Fernando Verzotto, who succeeded in offering cutting edge technologies and means that showed the company’s forward-looking spirit right from its beginning.

Antea has also the advantage of being a young company: the average age of its employees and contract workers is 33, thus ensuring a constant focus on the research and development of innovative customer solutions over time. These are the fundamental assets thanks to which the company has succeeded in winning and maintaining the trust of important market players that have now become Antea’s trusted partners.


Antea’s customers are assured that the most advanced technologies are used in product development and that a complete range of services is available to optimize monitoring maintenance and inspection operations, contributing to staff safety and environmental sustainability. 3D is the technological step for a more intuitive asset management, for sharing reality, facilitating information exchange and accelerating training.


Twenty years of field experience has made Antea a successful company. Nevertheless, the very nature of the solutions offered and of the reference sector require constant training and great dynamism. In order to ensure that its customers are offered constant development and continuity within the company, Antea has added young employees and contract workers, bringing the average age down to 33. The company offers important opportunities to its contract workers (students, newly-graduated and professionals) to pursue their growth objectives, investing in their development and training according to a meritocracy policy that has always been implemented at the company. Possible careers paths differ according to the company’s needs and those of the applicants, in addition to the applicant’s actual abilities and skills. If you are interested in joining our team, send your resumé to antea@anteash.com or consult ou Company Page di Linkedin.


  • 1989

    Incorporation of Antea S.r.l by the Engineers Bidese, Salvà and Verzotto.
  • 1991

    First Inspection Manager installation at Esso Refinery in Augusta.
  • 1995

    Agreement with Stabilimenti di Polimeri Europa (Formerly Enichem) for the supply of Inspection Manager Software.
  • 1995

    First sales abroad (USA) of the Inspection Manager Software at Arcadian.
  • 1996

    First solid modelling through implementation of 3D appliance and line models. using internal tools.
  • 1996/1997

    Move from MS-DOS to Microsoft Windows for the entire product line and migration of relevant data.
  • 1999/2000

    Development of the f Cathodic Protection Management module.
  • 2002

    Inspection Manager is recognized as the official Software of the ENI E&Ptechnical portal.
  • 2003

    Development of the project for Chemicals management and monitoring at Nalco Italia’s request.
  • 2005

    Creation of the Sewage Management module.
  • 2007

    Implementation of the module for Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Management.
  • 2009/2010

    Update and extension of the Cathodic Protection module.
  • 2010

    3D implementation of ENI – Stogit plants using Laser Scanning technology.
  • 2010

    3D point cloud model aggregation.
  • 2010/2011

    Project and start-up of the “PALLADIO” Suite.
  • 2012

    Launch of the web platform PalladioWeb
  • 2014

    Introduction of Palladio RBI (Risk-Based Inspection)
  • 2014-2017

    Antea is part of Lighthouse Group
  • 2017

    Introduction of the new module Palladio RBI rev. API 2016
  • 2017

    Antea is no longer part of the Lighthouse Group. 
    New quotaholders from UAE and Canada join Antea.
  • 2019

    Global expansion with new offices in USA, Canada and Malaysia.

Domenico Salvà

Domenico Salvà (1947), with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padua obtained in 1972, began working on the assembling and maintenance of Chemical and Petrochemical Plants in 1973 and later gained experience in Civil Construction.

Self-taught in IT, he has achieved a deep knowledge of many development languages. He has co-authored works on Data Collection of Non-Destructive Tests and their IT management.

In 1989 he founded Antea and since then he is Antea’s Software Planning and Development Manager.

Fernando Verzotto

Fernando Verzotto (1946) graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Padua in 1971. Soon after graduation he immediately started working for Geco meccanica S.p.a., a company specialized in the assembly and maintenance of Chemical and Petrochemical Plants.

He worked at I.M.C. Corp in the USA in 1973 and 1974.

Upon his return in Italy, he resumed the cooperation with the Geco meccanica S.p.a., until 1975.

Self-taught IT, he has supported various manufacturing companies in their start-up to the first computerization up to the technical and commercial organization since 1976.

In 1989 he founded Antea, which still administers.

He has co-authored several published works that have highlight the importance of computerized management of documents and data related to inspections and maintenance in large industrial Plants.